Today it begins

I have been dabbling with writing for as long as I can remember. Wanting to be a writer but fearful that I am not good enough. A common fear amongst would be writers I am sure. For the past 30 years (eeeeeekkkkkk) since I was rejected for a journalism cadetship at a Melbourne newspaper, I have worked in numerous fields including IT, marketing, digital communications, technical writing, software training, web design, magazine creation and desktop publishing. A smattering of writing in amongst it all via various blogs including this one, a failed magazine for teen girls with a focus on positive body image and an absence of images that had been photoshopped to hell.

I have had multiple false starts in the book writing world, evidenced by a growing number of documents in my Writing Projects 2013 to 2017 folders on my laptop. I have even gotten as far as completing my first draft of a whole book, yes – a whole book! It is a light-hearted but useful guide for boys leaving home for the first time and covers everything from choosing good housemates to cooking and cleaning basics. My 19 and 21-year-old kids, and a few other draft readers think its quite amusing so maybe it will end up on a shelf in a bookstore one day.

I don’t want writing to still be on my bucket list when I die. Yes, I want to be published one day, but more than anything I want my days filled with something I love doing, have always loved doing. So in order to put procrastination in its rightful place – in the corner, I have registered myself into The Writers Studio 10 month online novel and scriptwriting course. This is something I have been looking at for the past 3 years, but look no longer. Today it begins!! Just received my student login details and I’m off. Having a tutor to kindly and supportingly kick my ass for the bulk of the next year will be brilliant and just what I need. By the end of the course I will have a full draft of a new novel or screenplay (I haven’t decided which yet as screenplay is also super high on my dream list).

So for those of you who have been putting off those bucketlist items, imagine the joy at the end of the year when you can put a huge tick beside one of those dreams hey.

loveLee xx

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