When in Rome

Arrived in Rome after 29 hours of travel (door to door) and the gods were truly smiling by giving me an entire row of four to myself on the first leg. Horizontal sleeping in cattle class on a plane is a little less uncomfortable than vertical sleeping. I had about 7 hours of sorta dozing, while trying find a vaguely comfy position where my body didn’t confirm that I really am getting a little old plus block out the sound of screaming kiddies (such compassion for parents who undertake long haul flights with babies – let alone twins). By the way – I know that was a super long sentence with not enough punctuation but I’m jet lagged so a little leeway please.

Being in a large touristy city like Rome does have me think about the terrorist activity of late however I feel incredibly safe. Am thinking that the two cute Italian military guys with their machine guys who are opposite me as I eat my spaghetti in a cafe near the Vatican City – is a good thing, even though it’s incredibly sad that our world needs them in the first place.

One of the things I won’t be doing while in Rome is smoking! WTF with all the smokers – every second person I pass is lighting up or mid puff. Hope they have free health care in Italy.

I love the language, the no holes barred FULL self expression, the incredible architecture and monuments and of course the pizza is pretty good too.

Visited the Trevi Fountain today and apart from the fact it is pretty darn beautiful, I saw a lovely young man propose to his girlfriend to the cheers of hundreds of strangers. Ahh – when in Rome hey!

When you decide to just wing it and go wherever the cobbled streets lead you – take water! While I had been quite well hydrated and had planned to stop in a while anyway for a drink and gelato, I ended up somewhere which was actually nowhere. Not a watering hole in site! A long walk until I found a bridge that would lead me back over the river and back to civilisation – well at least to water. I don’t speak any Italian but I’m pretty sure that the short discussion and chuckles between the two shop owners when I finally purchased hydration might had had something to do with my red face. After a long Melbourne winter I’m not used to walking for several hours in 26+ degrees.

That’s day one and I’m now going to lay down for a bit and recover before I venture out again to find the best pasta in Roma.


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