Like comfy old shoes

Went to pick up our son from the airport last night after his 9-month work/travel adventure in Europe. He is back for a few months (to resupply his living-the-life piggy bank) and then will be off again for another year. I had spent the week or two leading up to his touchdown in Melbourne creating my own Qantas ad – you know the ones – the tear jerking reunions at the airport with the beautiful Feels like home to me…. music and lyrics playing in the background. Hold on, I just have to get a tissue as the thought of that music brings a slight glistening to my eyes – ok – I lied – full blown tears!

Well, our little reunion was free from dripping water, but was choc full of huge smiles and a lot of hugging. By the time we had reached the car, the four of us had settled into our regular family banter and it was almost as if he had never left. Mind you he is rocking a killer Portuguese suntan which stands out like dogs balls in a Melbourne winter (sorry but one of my dad’s Aussie slang gems popped into my head and thus onto the page before I even knew what was happening).

Back to the family banter… the four of us together are like a comfy pair of old shoes – they are warm, they won’t give you blisters and you know you will never part with them no matter how long they have been kicking around in the bottom of your cupboard. There is something so beautiful in having such rich history together and knowing each other so well (maybe a little too well sometimes as those pesky skeletons never stay in the closet where they belong).

The banter continued into brekky this morning with a table filled with pancakes, berries and the mandatory lemon and sugar. This, combined with the multitude of bests and the odd worst of his adventures as well as a recap of what the rest of us have been up to for the past year,  made for a perfect morning.

The lightness and ease with which we interact is joyful and I feel truly blessed to be part of this incredible little family (ok – not so little as apart from me, they are all super tall).

Off to bathe in more love and laughter for a while.

One very happy mumma xx

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