Letting go is not hard

Letting go is not hard to do, it’s friggin impossible.

You give birth, you give up your sleep for them, you teach them to walk and talk and read and write. You catch vomit in your bare hands in the middle of the night to avoid having to change the sheets. You wipe their snotty noses and other parts of their bodies that I choose not to mention right now. You cry with them and for them and even without them.

You keep your fingers and toes crossed when they try out for the local football, netball or soccer teams. You hold your breathe as they do their final school exams. You pass them tissues when their hearts are breaking and you tell them that everything will be ok and your secretly hope with all your might that it actually will be.

You trust them when they reach for independence and want to adventure out on their own. You miss them when they go on school camps and holidays with friends. You teach them to drive even though you worry whenever they get behind the wheel on their own. You hope that the boyfriend or girlfriend they have chosen will treat them well.

You try to teach them how to be the best grown up people they can possibly be. To have good hearts and kind, generous natures and adventurous spirits. You do all of this and then what do they do…

They want to go be adventurous, they want to go out into the world and share their kindness with others, they want to leave to expand and grow and soar.

What the hell!!!

I am so proud, so excited, so sad, so inspired – by who they are and by who they will become.

BUT my poor little heart is breaking just a little.

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