Love who you are

We all have things that we don’t like about ourselves. All of us. Yes, even the super-models who appear to look perfect all the time. I guarantee that they look in the mirror and go ‘eeekkkk’ at something. And if it is not their appearance then it is something else – ‘Do people like me’, ‘Am I good enough’, ‘Will I ever get a partner who loves me for all of me’ – need I go on?

And it is completely OK to have those thoughts but it is so important that you don’t let those thoughts take over, that you don’t let them send you into a deep dark hole.

I grew up as a freckle-faced, buck-teethed, pale skinned, glasses wearing teen. Not at all fun, especially at a time when being pale was NOT a good thing. I hated everything about the way I looked. I envied the girls with the tanned skin and straight teeth. I always thought I was ugly and that no-body would ever love me.  And you know what, on the outside those were the features I had to live with but I didn’t have to let it define who I was as a person. It took me a long time to get that. To get what a wonderful, generous, kind, adventurous, kick-ass kind of girl that I was.

I encourage you to look not only at what is on the surface, but also at who you are. And it won’t be easy, you may alway have those thoughts of ‘I wish I looked like her’ pop into your head – they still pop into mine. But I have made the decision to not get stopped by the things I cannot change about myself. It’s not that magically I have come to love my pale skin but I have come to accept it.

So, look in the mirror, notice the things you don’t like about yourself then check out the good things – maybe you have great eyes, a super hot voice, great curves, pretty hands. I guarantee that when you stop looking for all the things you are not, you will start seeing the things that you are and maybe, just maybe, you will start loving yourself for who and what you are instead of what you are not.

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