Entrepreneur by nature

It is in my bones. I can’t help it and believe me I have tried. It’s not easy trying to run a business while raising two children, keeping a marriage alive and running a house. But I have worked for other people before, I have been an employee but was never satisfied in these roles. I have to be creating or I don’t feel alive.

My biz adventures…

I have started and stopped so many businesses that I am not sure where to start – some crazy, some successful, some just downright crazy and one spectacular failure (that truly broke my heart at the time). More about that later.

Here are just a few of them:

Hair braiding business – I even purchased all the pretty cottons and beads in a multitude of colours. St Kilda markets here I come. And there I went. After testing out a few braids on a friend at the time, I decided that I was not going to actually make any money out of that venture after all.

Yarra Valley tours – I can’t even remember the details of this one but something about showing people lots of beautiful things in this region of Vic. I got as far as a rough business plan for this one but numbers didn’t add up either.

Software training consultancy – hooray – this one was a success. I worked consistently for a number of training companies in Melbourne for several years. I then had a few large clients of my own and expanded into Technical writing (customised software training manuals mainly). I thoroughly loved my business, my clients and the training… until of course I didn’t. Then it was time to move on again.

Publishing – with no experience but a whole lot of passion, I created and launched a magazine for girls aged 10-14 years. With a focus on positive body image and improving the self-esteem of young girls, we published and successfully distributed throughout Australia and in some countries overseas. We received a great deal of media attention, had hundreds of schools subscribe to our magazine, wanting copies for their libraries and for use in their health classes, we were asked to speak at conferences and writers festivals and we even got ourselves on national television. We distributed several issues before a lack of advertisers or an alternative source of funding meant the end, or at least for me. After investing a lot of money personally I had to choose whether to invest more or walk away. I chose the latter and it was one of the hardest and most heartbreaking things I have had to do. It had been way more than a business to me. I had thrown myself into it and had failed. Not only did I lose a lot of money, I lost a close friendship and my confidence. It was after this that I took on a “job” for the first time in over a decade, determined to not put myself out there and fail again. However 4 years later and the entrepreneur in me is back and looking for what’s next.

Web design – I had dabbled with web design in the past, having built websites for my own businesses, my husbands business and a few friends. I decided maybe I could do this part time while still at my ‘job’ and then when my business go large enough I could just do websites. Ahhhhhh – deep deep sigh. It was somewhere around this time that I decided I could no longer fight my true passion any longer. It was time to write and time to get back on the horse and move back into the world of publishing.

Publishing – TAKE 2.  This time an an online eMag for girls aged 15+ called Molly and Fox. It was tough jumping into publishing again. I was incredibly scared! Scared of failing, scared of succeeding, scared of pretty much everything. After 12 months and 12 beautiful editions which our small but loyal group of readers adored, my biz partner and I decided that it was too hard juggling our full time jobs, kids and all things domestic to keep going. We decided to take care of our own individual needs and trust that there were enough amazing resources in the world to keep our young women feeling positive and proud of who they were. I didn’t have to be the ONE! Ahhh, what a relief. This doesn’t mean there isn’t more to come from me but it does mean a way gentler approach to what is next.

Stay tuned…

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