Learning to relax

I am finally learning to master the art of relaxation. My need to be constantly on the move – doing, seeing, experiencing, working, striving… is falling away. Replaced by a contentedness (is that even a word) with simplicity.

We are now day 6 of our Thailand trip and the past two days have been spent doing bugger all. Loads of time relaxing by the pool, reading a book and not one about how I can improve myself or my life but a fictional novel JUST FOR FUN! Who would have thought that would be possible hey?

I feel a little like my life is in slow motion. Maybe that is the way life looks when you are not rushing around like a maniac who is scared that she won’t have enough time left to do all the things she wants to do in this lifetime. The truly weird thing is that it feels like my days are incredibly full and I am ‘doing’ a lot. But without the stress and anxiety that I have been used to over the past 12 months (or maybe it’s actually the past 45 years!).

Life gets crazy busy people but I implore you to STOP, take the time to slow down, even if it is just a little and just hang out. Your mind may go a little nuts (as mine often does) and tell you that you should be running around doing stuff but trust me the ‘stuff’ will wait. You don’t have to go to Thailand, although it’s a pretty damn good place to practice the art of stopping. While you are perfecting your art, you can eat incredibly great food (and mega cheap), experience the beautiful Thai people and their culture and of course get warm again (we have just left a very cold Victorian winter so this one is a big plus for us).

So in a week’s time I will take my new-found skill of stopping back to Barwon Heads and see how it flies in the face of home/work life. While the scenery may have changed and I will be back to doing the washing and cooking myself, I know that it’s just not going to be the same. I am not the same person who left a week ago. Actually I am not the same person I was a moment ago either. This is good news me thinks!!

Off now to do some more practicing by the pool, or maybe at the local markets.



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