Good day, bad day – what’s the difference

Just got my ascension meditation homework for this week and as always it got me thinking about what attitude I bring to each day. Often when we hear the word ‘attitude’, what comes to mind is miserable, smart ass, righteous, arrogant, angry… all somewhat negative! Or at least that is the way that it is for me.

But when I read my homework – actually before I talk about what I saw, have a read for yourself…

Bad days don’t just happen. A bad day simply is that reality hasn’t met your expectations of what “should” have occurred. Life isn’t good or bad, it isn’t out to get you sometimes, it just is what it is. Life is constant change. Can you be fluid enough and adapt to what it gives you? The end of bad days is all in your attitude. You can step out the door with a plan, but surrender it to an attitude of adventure: “OK! what is going to happen today? Bring it on! I’m ready. And if I’m not ready, I’ll just be surprised”. Do this and you’ll never have a bad day ever again.

So life isn’t out to get me after all. This is such awesome news, especially considering I was so incredibly sure that IT was. But can I live my life like that? Can I step into each day with a ‘bring it on’ attitude and more importantly can I really be OK with whatever it looks like? I’m not sure you know. I wish I could just be a big fat YES and be done with it but I know myself, I know where the thoughts in my pretty little head like to wander to and trust me, it is not towards the light!!

And that, my dear friends is where the adventure lies – in knowing the challenges and taking it on anyway!

So goodbye BAD days, goodbye GOOD days and hello new adventures!!



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