Which wolf to feed

What constitutes a great movie in my eyes is one that inspires me in some way. For some movies, this means, blown away brilliance that causes a shift in who I am and where I am going. For others it is way more subtle, a single scene or line, that gnaws away at me for days, weeks or months after leaving the cinema. This was the how it was with Disney’s Tomorrowland, when the main character Casey reminded her father of a story he used to tell her as a small child.

There are two wolves who are always fighting.
One is darkness and despair.
The other is light and hope.
The question is: which wolf wins?
The one you feed.

Guess which wolf I have been feeding of late?

You guessed it, the dark and gloomy one. Why? Great question and ultimately, who the hell knows. What I do know is I could do my head in even more trying to figure it out and that would be a colossal waste of time. So I am just going to start feeding the other one. The one that is bright and filled with hope and dreams. I’m going to start small, a simple appetiser first instead of going straight for the massive ten-course banquet. So appetiser number one this morning was a short walk along the beach which in a way was pretty big since I haven’t walked in over a month due to my Fibro being so bad and everything feeling a little overwhelming.

The result – my favourite wolf is not quite as hungry as it was yesterday and is looking forward to what delights I am going to dish up to her next. And a big thank you to my other wolf because without her, I wouldn’t get the valuable lessons or opportunities to expand myself and my life.

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