Giving up doing it my way

I like to do things my way. After all, I have a few years under my belt and I know stuff. But here’s the thing – MY WAY doesn’t always work.

Take my ascension meditation practice for example. My teachers have told me (several times mind you) that the way to get the best results is to ascend (meditate) 3 times per day for 20 minutes. Not twice for 30 minutes, not once for an hour, not any other variation in between! Simple right? Well not for me. Of course I either want to look good by trying to do hours on end and then fail dismally as my busy life gets in the way, or I think that because I have been ascending for a few years now, I should be doing more.

So here is what I decided my far superior, get-me-there-quicker (wherever ‘there’ is) version of ascending should look like….

Actually, there is no version because it varies A LOT. I was going to write that mostly I ascend twice a day for 30 minutes but that isn’t even true. I do however ascend every day, at least once, but the rest is a shamozzle – my new favourite word to describe the crazy mess that is my life right now. No wonder I’m not getting the peaceful, balanced existence I so desperately crave. The one where I experience the stillness and silence that I see so clearly in my teachers. No wonder I feel overwhelmed most of the time and wish I could run away to somewhere other than where I am right now. I don’t mind where – a lovely mountain top, a secluded beach or just a permanent doona dive into my comfy king size bed.

After a little lightbulb moment yesterday morning, I decided to try something drastic, something completely foreign and new to me. I decided that I am going to do it the way it was designed. Yes, I am going to do it exactly as it was meant to be done and then sit back and wait for the miracles to arise. I have no doubt that something magical will occur if I just keep it simple, and boy am I busting to find out what!

With day two almost complete, I have to say there has been a tiny glimmer of light  creeping into what I have to admit, has been a pretty dark and crappy time for me over the past month or so.

While I have been talking about my meditation in this post, I get it applies to everything I do in my life – health and fitness ‘my way’ versus the way the real experts tell me to do it and so on.

Feel like a challenge?

Where in your life are you doing the same and being disappointed in the results you are getting? Maybe pick your own thing and try doing it the way it’s supposed to be done and see what happens. Would love to hear what you discover.

Have fun and remember to not take life too seriously. (I’ve said that more for my benefit than for yours as I need constant reminding).

Lee xx

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