The gratitude attitude

I reckon there are always, ALWAYS things that we don’t like in our lives. They may not be big things but there are always things. But I have been noticing lately the attitude I have towards these ‘crappy’ things and how this attitude impacts my life. So I thought I would start playing with changing my attitude, rather than trying to change the ‘crappy’ thing because after all some of them just cannot be changed in this moment.

So I am introducing the GRATITUDE ATTITUDE! What do you think? Want to take it on? All it takes is being grateful for absolutely everything. I’m not sure if it will change the way I am feeling about things but you know what, feeling shitty about them isn’t helping either so what have I got to lose.

So here’s my GRATITUDE ATTITUDE list of crappy things for today.

  1. I am grateful for my Fibromyalgia even though it has been worse in the last few weeks than it has been for ages. It is providing the slap in the face I need to slow down, be gentle and to allow people to help and support me.
  2. For washing all the dirty clothes. OK, very long pause here as I rack my brain for why I am grateful for that… still thinking… yep, still…. Ummmmm… Got it! I am grateful that we have clothes to wash because otherwise I would have be running around naked and with the freezing temperatures we have been having lately, that would not be pleasant.
  3. I’m grateful I get to cook dinner every night for my family. We get to have a meal together and share our best and worst for the day. I love the connection that meals bring. Plus with an 18 year old who is often not home anymore, the promise of his favourite food ensures some mother-son time.
  4. A husband that annoys me and that I argue with because otherwise I would be alone and fighting with myself is just not as much fun.
  5. I am grateful for the lack of sleep due to my Fibro as it makes me appreciate the nights I do get a full night’s sleep even more.
  6. For my husband’s snoring. OK, I might have to draw the line at this one – not sure I can find anything to be grateful for about that. I’ll have to go with that I have one, a husband that is!
  7. Truly horrific photos of myself that provide me with the added incentive to work that little bit harder on what I put into my mouth each day.

You know what the most interesting thing is? Writing this list has been hard. Not hard because I can’t find a way to be grateful for the crappy stuff but hard because I am struggling to find very many things that are really bad. It’s funny how taking the time to really get present can put things in perspective. Before I started this list I was feeling pretty miserable but a smile has crept onto my face (I’m sure my daughter will be grateful for that since she hasn’t seen one for a few days) and I feel lighter.

Why not give it a go for yourself and let me know what you find?

Love and hugs xx

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