I don’t have all day

I have been on the Transformation Train (TT) for quite a long time now, unable to get off and yet unable to make it to the bright shiny carriages all the way up there in first class. Just when I think I can almost feel the soft squishy leather under my butt-cheeks and the extra pillows and blankets, the elbow of the woman with incredibly bad perfume almost sitting on top me in cattle class digs me in the ribs.

When I read the TT brochure in the travel agents office 2 years agao, it didn’t say anything about a ridiculously long bumpy ride with no air conditioning. It didn’t say anything about having to go backwards for some parts of the trip to search for the lost baggage of some crazy person sprawled out in the row behind me. And it certainly didn’t say anything about enduring fellow passengers who were going to spend all day and night rehashing stories of their miserable pasts.

I distinctly remember the brochure saying:

‘Come along for the ride of your life. This extraordinary journey will take you to places you have never been before where you will get to experience true beauty and joy. You will build long lasting friendships with your travelling companions and feel like you have known them your entire life. There will be music, dancing and laughter every single day. The sun will shine constantly and the stars will be brighter than you have ever seen before. You will find everything you have been searching for and when you leave the train you will no longer know yourself. ‘

Where are my shiny stars and the new, unrecognisable me that the brochure promised???

We haven’t arrived at our destination just yet and since there is no way of getting off the train, I better find a way to sit back, relax and enjoy what is left. Maybe those illusive bloody stars will shine tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “I don’t have all day

  1. Lee, on the this train there is no destination. As Werner Erhard might say there is no where to get to… “This is it, Here is where it is, Now is when it is, Celebrate.”
    And as he also says “living a life of transformation is like climbing a mountain with no top, just keep climbing”.

    Hope this helps,
    Reg Leonard

    • Hey Reg, you are so right of course. Am thankful I chose to live life this way even though I have moments where I can’t help but wishing there was a top (or an end). So nice to hear from you. Hope all is wonderful in your world. Love Lee

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