Happiness 22

Today is about happiness and delving back into my past to find 22 happy memories. The first one popped into my head immediately but will the other 21 appear so easily – let’s find out!! Note, these are not in any particular order from best to worst, they are just written as they appear in my head.

  1. Sitting in a restaurant in Payesville several years ago when my kids where about 6 and 8 I think and my son farted. For whatever reason it send us all into hysterics. I was laughing so much that I had to leave the room to try and compose myself. Two ladies at a nearby table couldn’t stop smiling either. It is one of my absolute favourite memories.
  2. Mana meditation retreat in New Zealand in January 2014. I never thought that a week of meditation would involve so much laughter and joy. My cheeks hurt so much by the end of the week but a hurt that I would readily welcome back anytime.
  3. Walking along the beach in Phuket with Mark a couple of months ago, taking selfies as a means of trying to impress my daughter Jordan, who is Queen of the selfie.
  4. Opening my Christmas card from my niece Taya (who is 6) and seeing how much she loves me. She did the card at school and had to choose one person to make one for and it was me.
  5. Winning my year level athletics when I was about 10. We were moving interstate but Mum and Dad postponed the move so I could compete.
  6. Skiing – there isn’t even one particular memory, it is every time I strap on my skis and venture into that white powdery city. It is one of the few places I feel alive and free from all thoughts.
  7. Knick-knocking with by bestie at a hotel in Vietnam at some ludicrous time of the morning. Note, she did the knocking, I did the running away quickly before we got caught.
  8. My wedding day – just Mark and I and of course the celebrant on a beach in Gippsland. It was perfect!
  9. There are countless moments with the kids but some of the best are when we are just sitting around the kitchen bench having brekky or dinner and being more than a bit silly. Either Mark doing his crazy dad dance moves, Jake asking how the corn kernels actually get onto the cobs of corn or Jordan just being Jordan. It is what ‘home’ is for me.
  10. Visiting Yen and Bao in Vietnam last year and being able to promise their 85 year old grandparents that my family will take care of school fees and other costs right through to university. To have  ‘grandma’ hug me with tears streaming down her face was priceless. Not because she was in tears but because I was able to do something that would allow her to be at peace, knowing that her grandchildren would be taken care of even after she and her husband were gone.
  11. My month in Vietnam on my own last year – all of it. To be in a place with such beautiful people, great food and so few rules. It was freeing.
  12. When I was about 7 and we lived at Dartmouth Dam and used to go in Dad’s ute up into the hills and go blackberry picking and have a BBQ in the middle of the forest. We’d have sausages in bread and toast marshmallows.
  13. Playing Sevens (a card game) with Mum and Dad and my kids and always having to wait for Dad to have his turn. I think we even bought an egg timer at one point to hurry him along. These games are always filled with more laughing than card playing.
  14. We were at the snow a few years ago with my parents and one of my nephews and we had a ridiculous (in the rolling around the floor laughing kind of way) conversation about how crazy our family is and decided that it was all my mother’s fault for if she hadn’t chosen to marry dad then none of us or our craziness would exist. Even now when funny things happen everyone says ‘It’s your fault ma’.
  15. Going to Sydney for the day for lunch with 5 of my girlfriends. We wanted to do something fun and a bit outrageous so when cheap flights from Melb to Sydney came up we decided to fly up and go somewhere nice for lunch. The day was great and lunch was amazing but the most fun part was telling everyone what we were doing – it felt decadent and exciting. I’m sure there were more than a few who thought we were completely nuts. And even more who thought it was brilliant.
  16. Travelling through Europe with my family when I as about 13 and we stopped on the side of the road one day in the middle of a ski town and Dad and I went skiing. It was waist deep powder snow and like nothing I had ever skied in before. I loved how impromptu it was.
  17. Driving all the way from Broke in NSW to Mackay (QLD) to surprise my grandmother’s for mothers day. We were just sitting at the dinner table on the Friday night and mum or dad said – ‘why don’t we’ so we chucked the dishes in the sink, some clothes in a bag and drove through the night. When we got there, Mum called from a neighbours house (before mobile phones existed) to wish her mum Happy Mother’s Day while we ran up to the house to surprise her.
  18. Cruising on the Gippsland Lakes with the kids and having the boat surrounded by dolphins. The kids were running from one side of the boat to the other watching them.
  19. This made me think of my next happy memory which was when I was in the Caribbean and I got to swim with dolphins. It was scarier than I thought it would be as they are huge. After playing with them for a while and getting to hug them and having them splash water all over us, I had to lie on my tummy with arms out to the side and feet together and then my dolphin pushed me (its nose on my feet) all the way across the lagoon. OMG – no words!
  20. Jordan and I surprising my mum for her 60th birthday by driving to South Australia where she was living at the time. The funny bit was that when I was at uni and would go home to visit for the weekend mum would always make me roast pork (my fave) and that night she had gotten a roast for dad. She really didn’t know I was coming but maybe mums have a sixth sense about their kids after all. We had a wonderful week shopping, eating out and hanging out with mum.
  21. Seeing both Jake and Jordan at the airport when they returned from their respective Year 9 trips to Thailand for two months. Loved being able to give them such an incredible experience and loved that hug (or ten) when they came out of customs.
  22. Getting a pay rise at work last year and feeling totally acknowledged for the effort and commitment that I put into my job.

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