Letting go… yet again

I haven’t blogged for a while because I have been busy working on a new digital magazine for teen girls. It, along with my paying job have consumed my life. I thought that I had learned from my past experience of cramming so many things into my life that I feel like I can hardly breathe! Apparently not, because the last 18 months have been more of the same.

Just to get clear though, I don’t have many regrets about it. Wish I could say NONE, but like all new adventures, there are always some scrapes and bruises that occur and in my case lots of Fibro flare ups, stress, lack of sleep and added pressure on my family. What I am getting better at however, is knowing when to stop or to change tack. I only wish that this didn’t make me feel flakey and all over the place. Sometimes I wish I was someone who had one calling, one career that made me feel settled or complete but I guess that is not my journey for this lifetime.

Generally I spend so much time trying to get somewhere that I forget to enjoy where I am. I am thankful for my meditation practice, which is teaching me to keep coming back to now – after all, that’s all there actually is, isn’t there!

So what there is right now is clearing out some space – yet again – to breathe, to relax and to take care of myself. Plus a reminder to my future self to go read back over my blog posts before I take on anything new!!

Love and laughter is my new motto so bring it on!!

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