Year short challenge

I was going to call this post the ‘Year long challenge’ but felt that the word ‘long’ made it feel like an impossible task so went with ‘short’ instead.

Before I talk about what the challenge is, I thought I would let you know what inspired me to create this challenge in the first place.  Today while creating our first issue of Molly and Fox eMag, I came across a 20 year old singer/songer writer (Holly Stewart) who had set herself the task of writing, videoing (if that is even a word) and posting onto youtube, one new song every week for 100 weeks. Well she started at the beginning of 2011 and on 12 December 2012 she uploaded her 100th original song. At that age I don’t think I would have ever been able to stay committed to something for that long. What am talking about, even now at 43 years of age, I struggle with committing to something for a month, let alone 100 weeks.

So Holly was the inspiration for my challenge plus I want to prove to myself that I can stick at something that makes a difference to ME. I think I am pretty good at being there for others but when it comes to fully taking care of myself, I kinda trash myself. A while ago I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, a crappy condition that means I have pain throughout my body on a daily basis, have trouble sleeping and generally feel like an incredibly old woman in a young woman’s body.  I can still function every day and people who know me wouldn’t know that there is anything wrong with me. I guess that is the tough part, because sometimes I feel like it is just all in my head. Anyway, I sorta got side tracked as this post is not about my Fibro even though my year-short challenge is an attempt to ease my symptoms a little.

I guess I better get to what my challenge is. One whole year, 365 days of 30 min exercise (minimum) every single day plus no alcohol. Doctor Google, plus my real doctor and hundreds of other people dealing with Fibro say that alcohol is a huge aggravator and regular exercise can make a huge difference. So I figured if a 20 year old can stick to something for nearly 2 years then I could combine these two and give it a go for one year.

In the past I have been a big one for setting myself challenges like this, setting myself up for failure really. And I wish I could say for certain that this time is going to be any different but I really don’t know. I only know that in this moment, right now, I want to be kind to myself and my body and hopefully wake up in the very near future – fitter, healthier and without any pain or discomfort. Like Holly, I want to know myself as someone who does what she says.

So stay tuned and feel free to join me for this ride. I have a calendar up on my wall that I will be marking off each day for the next 365 days plus I will be sharing what I discover about myself along the way through my blog.

Definitely time for bed now though xx

2 thoughts on “Year short challenge

  1. Hello gorgeous,

    Fabulous blog, I am looking oyt over lush green paddocks contrasted with some other grasses that give a soft light brown tinge with a trail of hay dropped in a circle for cows;)
    Its in credibly still with the smallest birds making the most beautiful song.
    Hamish is on the deck watching out for Hugh and he will b sooner than later as ge got the wrong date for Rotary Van to b fitted with a trailer…. its next Monday !

    Given time and with your mindfulness your health will alter .
    You are an inspiration Leanne and the most amazing woman and I do know. from
    This experience you will fly higher than u can even imagine.

    Looking forward to next blog.

    Love and hugs



  2. Hi Leanne. Enjoy your challenge, I’m sure it will help. I’m not sure what you’ve tried but I have also found that acupuncture and osteopathy helped me enormously although as you have probably read different things work for different people. Bec

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