4 times in one day

The heat here hit an all time high for me yesterday – measured simply by the number of showers I needed to take in one 12 hour period. The magic number was in fact 4. I apologise to all the water conservationists out there but this was required for my sanity and for the sanity of the poor people around me that would have had to endure the smell if I hadn’t. As I discussed in a previous blog, the locals do not seem to get hot and they definitely do not sweat much.

I also squeezed in a hair cut and colour yesterday for a fraction of what it would cost at home and am loving that I am leaving my grey hairs in Hoi An. You have to love the relaxed nature of businesses here. The lovely woman who cut my hair had shorts on and bare feet and when the girls in the salon are not busy, they sit and relax, read a book or have a chat. Unlike Australia where we have to pretend like we have stuff to do (even when we don’t). Don’t get me wrong, these guys work incredibly hard but they also relax when they can. I love it.

Last night saw myself, Van, Thuy and Duong off to Karaoke which was lots of fun. And no, Kim, I did not sing Celine Dion’s My Heart will Go On from titanic. But please note, this was only because they didn’t have it on the playlist. It wasn’t what I was expecting, it was a private room for us with Sing Star style setup but with proper microphones an thousands of songs to choose from. It was great seeing the girls sing Vietnamese pop and love songs and I have some of this recorded on my phone to share when I get home.

Unfortunately my plan for good night’s sleep last night was a failure due to a combination of me being sick (I think a bit of dehydration even though I am consuming heaps of water) and some clanking noise in the roof of my building. Woke this morning with stomach pains, shocking headache and feeling more than a little average. Something I did not want for my last full day in Hoi An. Had a quite morning relaxing in my room, last minute work emails and packing. And yes, everything did fit into my bags!!! I didn’t even require anyone to sit on top of my bag so I could do it up. Am feeling a little better now so off shortly to have cake with my girls from PIC and say goodbye. I have sooooo loved working with them all. They are incredibly smart, fun and gorgeous and I look forward to continuing to work with them from home.

I may blog again before I get home but not sure. I leave for KL tomorrow and then flight to Melbourne on Thursday, arriving around midnight.

Bye for now.

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