Mum, I want to buy a motorbike

I thought I had ticked off all the adrenalin rushy things on this trip but alas I was wrong. This evening Geoff, who started PIC and the beautiful girls I have worked with for the past month, took me for dinner at Cu Dai beach. And you know what, there is nothing really scary about Cu Dai beach. I don’t even think they have sharks!! The scary/exciting bit however was the trip there on the back of Van’s motorbike.

Now, because Van reads these blogs I feel it is very important to state that she is an amazing driver and my fear in no way reflects her ability on a motorbike at all.

That being said – OMG!!!! Firstly, Thuy and Tam were riding beside us on their motorbike for most of the way – chatting to Van (my driver). While they may find this normal, having a conversation whilst weaving in and out of cars, trucks, bicycles and other motorbikes was more than a little unnerving for this westerner/pretend local. They of course thought it was hilarious that I was covering my eyes with my hands and crossing fingers and toes that I would make it to the restaurant and preferably back again to my hotel in one piece. At dinner Geoff did not make matters any better by telling me that the death rate in motor-whatever accidents in Vietnam is 35 per day. Not per month, not per year but PER DAY!!!!!!!!! I couldn’t help but picture my body being flown back to Australia in a coffin with the Australian flag draped over it (I know, I know, that only happens in war movies). Particularly when we squeezed between two cars coming in opposite directions, both on the wrong side of the road.  What makes it even more interesting is that not everyone has lights on their motorbikes, cars or bicycles. It is sort of like the Russian roulette of the roadways. So I did what any sensible westerner would do. I closed my eyes and hoped for the best.

The plus side and the reason for the title of this blog, is that I found it incredibly exhilarating. It is a feeling of freedom that I have probably only felt before on the ski fields. So yes Mum, I would like a motorbike but NO Mum I am not going to get one. I will keep my motorbike adventures confined to Vietnam – for the moment anyway.

I am now off to bed to dream of motorbike tours of the world.

PS. Photo below shows the less dangerous part of my day today – being photographed with the locals. Mind you they said, yes, yes, come have a photo and then proceeded to try and charge me $4. I told them they were cheeky and gave them a little money but not what they were after. I don’t think they were very happy with me. But they didn’t realise they were now talking to a local, not their standard, run of the mill tourist!!!!


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