Stillness in the chaos

One of the things I have learned while being in Hoi is to be STILL. Ironic really, considering it is quite chaotic here with traffic and people going every which way, whenever they want, with little or no consideration of road rules. I am sure they have their rules but compared to our considerably regimented country, they appear to be quite minimal.

But the chaos here is not stress filled or anxious, it is just the way it is. I have learned over the past 3 weeks to take things slowly. I walk slower, I eat and drink more slowly, not sure if I talk more slowly but feel like I talk less and I don’t ever rush anywhere. Now part of that I am sure is because it is so damn hot here that if you do things quickly you will probably die of heat exhaustion. But I believe it is only part of the reason. The rest is just the nature of the people and town itself. Maybe that’s why I have had so many comments from people saying how relaxed and happy I look in all the photos I have had taken here.

I am looking forward to seeing if STILLNESS fits in my suitcase along with the beautiful scarves, cookbooks, clothes and other trickets that I have purchased while here. I am definitely making room for it as it seems to fit even better than some of my new clothes – even the ones that were tailor made for me.

I really hope I can get it through customs, you know what Australian customs is like – very strict about things you pick up from foreign countries!!

Till later my friends…

PS. Changed rooms today – moving from ground floor to 4th floor room with a view over the fields and town. Just in time for the wicked lightening storm we are having tonight. Feel incredibly lucky right now.

PPS. Dinner last night (below). And no I didn’t eat even close to all of this.


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