Strange day today

Today has been a bit of a strange day really. I think maybe because I am heading home next week and people are starting to ask me one of either 2 questions –

1. Have I done everything/gotten everything I wanted out of my month here?

2. What am I going to miss most about Hoi An?

Mostly I am trying to live in the moment and not think about the future but these questions have had me thinking a little. Which is probably the reason for my strange mood today – always happens when I allow my mind to come into play!!

As for the first question, while I had things that I wanted to achieve while I was here, I didn’t come with any huge expectations. Instead it was a bit like – here’s what I’m after but I am willing to go with the flow and see what arises (I hope that makes a little sense to all of you). I am very proud of the fact that that is exactly what I have done and the trip so far (since it clearly isn’t over until it’s over) has been perfect.

Question number 2 however is a little harder because there are so many things – the following are simple a few of the main ones

  • The people, especially Van, Thuy and Duong at the PIC office. And the great staff at the hotel that I have been staying at – they have made me feel so much at home!
  • The food – clearly!!!!!!!!!
  • The freedom (this is a biggie for me). The freedom to do what I want, whenever I want and not be responsible for anyone else except myself. This is something I haven’t experienced for about 23 years and I have to say it has been wonderful. I think it has helped increase my self-confidence, my belief and trust in myself and in my ability to achieve anything I want.

There is a common saying over here – ‘Same, same but different’ which pretty much sums up how I am feeling. So you will be pleased to know that the Same, same but different mother, wife, daughter, sister and friend will be returning to Barwon Heads next week. What my life looks like between now and my flight home and after I land back in Australia – who knows! But I am sure it will be amazing whatever it is.

PS. While this blog post sort of sounds like an end to my trip blog, don’t be mistaken, it is simply how I am feeling today and what there was for me to say. Tomorrow is a whole other day and I will be back with something because as you know – I ALWAYS have something to say.

Love you all xx

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