Dear John…

Dear Family and Friends,

I regret to inform you that I will be unable to return to Australia at the end of May after all. I wish I could say that this has been a difficult decision but alas not – the people here are so incredibly kind and generous, the food is to die for, the beer and wine is sooooooooo cheap and the shopping, well the shopping leaves me a little a loss for words. And as my gorgeous husband will tell you, that is a concern in itself for in the 22 years that we have been together I don’t think I have ever been speechless. Actually even my closest friends could tell you that. OK, even strangers on the street would confirm this!!

You are all extremely important to me and I will miss you more than I could ever say but seriously if you had all of the following, I am sure that you would find yourself in the exact same position that I am in right now:

  • Washing that is done for me for less than $5 per week and that is if I need 2 loads!
  • Dinner cooked for me every single night. While I know most of you guys out there get that now – I know that my female friends will totally get it.
  • Shopping!!!! I cannot get tailor made skirts at home for $15 – style, colour, design and fit EXACTLY what I want. Don’t even get me started on shoes…
  • Cleaning – large hotel room including breakfast (cooked for me and dishes done!!) plus cleaning – even the toilets and bathrooms!

My god, if I wasn’t convinced before I started writing this blog then I sure as hell am now. I mean look at the picture below – does this look like an unhappy person??


And yes, I will miss you all deeply but I ask you, if you were me, with what I have shared over the past few weeks, what would you do?

So to Mark and Jake, I am sorry but you will have to continue eating pizza every night but note the vegetables that I left in the freezer will need to be thrown out at some point! And Jordan, if you want to join me honey, instead of flying from Thailand to Melbourne on 8th June, just grab a plane to Vietnam and I will pick you up at the airport.

Mark, I thank you for 22 years of awesome craziness and for my 2 divine children. I hope you understand my decision and that you will continue to send me money (the more the better) while I am here.

To my friends, you are welcome to visit any time you like. If this blog has not inspired you to come here then I am afraid I will have to say good bye to you and best wishes for your future.

Love to you all and I will of course continue to blog tomorrow.

Love always,

Expat Leanne/Lenny/Lee/mother/wife/daughter/sister/in-law/grand-daughter/friend/cousin – sorry if I have missed anyone out but pretend it is the Oscars and the music has started and I had to leave the stage.

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