Acting like a local

I can’t believe I did this but today I acted like a local. Another ‘white’ woman just like myself was stopped at the corner with her pushbike – blocking the road. It was automatic, but in the conversation in my head was something along the lines of ‘bloody tourists’. I know right, I have only been here 3 weeks and already this has happened.

My second occurrence of localness occurred only minutes later when in peak hour traffic I did a U-turn on my bike without getting hit by anyone, without causing any crashes and without a single person beeping me. I think that qualifies for me local status don’t you.

Had a wonderful day with the girls in the PIC office although today I really really felt the heat. Even the locals were complaining that it was very hot. Lunch was at the vegetarian cafe that all the locals go to. A vegetarian cafe that serves pork, beef and chicken – go figure!!! I experienced my cheapest lunch ever today with a large plate of rice, vegetables, meat (buffet style – help yourself) and a bowl of soup costing the grand total of 85 cents. I had to recalculate about ten times in my head before I was sure I had it correct. And by the way, the food was delicious.

So today was definitely a day of doing it like the locals.

One thought on “Acting like a local

  1. Sorry my Touch too fast, your meal sounds much better. Love HH ..
    not sure if you got the first part…not portant
    Love your blog

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