A Piece of Cake

I think it is appropriate that considering it is my gorgeous friend Kim’s birthday, that today was in fact all about cake. Notably cake and desserts are very big here in Vietnam. There are some amazing cake shops (as you will see from the photos below) but I think they are generally more for the tourists than the locals. But in celebration of Kim’s birthday and because I couldn’t be in lovely Ferntree Gully to celebrate with her, we at the office here bought cake and celebrated for her.

Happy Birthday my friend. We certainly enjoyed our celebrations for you!!! By the way Kim – Thuy (middle of first photo) is not making ‘loser’ signs at you – this is the Vietnamese way to say Happy Birthday.

IMG_7677       IMG_7680

IMG_7682       IMG_7672

Before I talk about the cakes, the last photo above is clearly not a cake but it is the rat trap outside the door of our office to catch any creatures that may try to take advantage of any leftover cake. It is hard to tell from the photo above but the trap on the right is about 15 cm long and clearly well used.

Today I introduced the girls in the office to Pavlova (except for Van who I am sure was an Aussie in a previously life as this is her favourite type of cake). Funny really as I don’t like it much at all. In fact I only like the crunchy bits on the outside and can’t stand the squishy stuff in the middle. We also had chocolate mouse cake, a passionfruit cheesecake and something similar to brandy snaps with strawberries and cream in the middle. Sorry to all my NAC work buddies back there in South Melbourne, but they sorta put our cupcakes to shame.

After an early start with a 7.30am skype call to my Melbourne office, the rest of my day consisted not only of eating cake and taking photos of us eating cake but also working with Thuy to build a new website for Project Indochina. It is looking great so far and we hope to have draft completed on Monday. Finished the day giving Van a swimming lesson and a meal at my local hangout.

Am feeling very settled here and enjoying my busy but stress-free days and evenings. I feel like I am packing lots into each day but am not overwhelmed like I often am at home.

Finally I wish to end with a miracle! Yep, I didn’t think it was possible but today it happened. I got through the entire day without shopping (except for cake but that doesn’t count). Not one piece of clothing, not an earring, a bracelet, no scarves, bags or anything. Can’t guarantee that this will happen again tomorrow but who knows, the lock on my hotel door might break and I could be stuck here all day.

Enjoy your weekend everyone!

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