My Local Hangout

Ok everyone, it’s official – I now have a local hangout. While I have only been there twice, I am very clear that I will be going back. Authentic Vietnamese food for insanely cheap (dinner and a beer for $4 tonight). I had a traditional Hoi An pork and noodle dish which was the closest to roast pork crackling I think I could get – yum. Some of you will know my obsession with roast pork crackling and therefore understand the joy that existed this evening. I also had vegetarian spring rolls. What can I say, all good, as usual.

I spent most of my day working today put got out for a long walk this afternoon and I hate to say it – a tiny weeny little bit of shopping. Yes Mark, you should shut down my credit card very shortly. Luckily I am only here for a month – any longer and it could be dangerous. For those of you that know Vietnam you will know that it is a mecca for getting clothes and shoes made – especially anything tailored. It is inexpensive and the quality is great. In my wandering this afternoon I did have to chuckle to myself at all the poor husbands and boyfriends sitting on chairs in clothes shops while their partners poured over pattern books and fabrics. The look on their faces is one that I have seen many times on the face of a certain special someone in my life whom shall remain nameless at this point. That same person is probably very thankful that he is tucked up safely in his office far far away from here.

I love the hustle and bustle of it here. It is almost manic in its craziness but with such a feeling of brightness, vibrancy and life that you don’t seem to get in Australia. People herre seem happier, even though most of them have way less than what we do. They smile a lot!!! I also love the simplicity of their daily life and the obvious importance of family. They all come together and eat in their shops or on the street outside of their shops or stalls and serve customers in between.


Finally I would like to wish three of my lovely friends – Kim, Kirsten and Suze a very happy birthday for the coming week. I will be celebrating with cake for each one of you on the actual day and thinking of you. Have wonderful days, enjoy being spoiled by your families and friends and know that I am wishing I was there to give you a birthday hug in person (only if I could fly immediately back to Hoi An straight afterwards though, otherwise your hugs really would have to wait until I see you next). Love you all.

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