So so…

Today was so-so. It wasn’t bad by any stretch but it was just a day. I worked all morning, including a Skype call to my entire office who were celebrating World Asthma Day with cupcakes.

But wait, I have actually promised to get the food stuff out of the way at the start of each blog. Well, even that today was so-so.  I skipped brekky because I wasn’t that hungry (might have something to do with the amount of food I have consumed over the past week) and just had some bananas mid morning and lots of green tea and water. Didn’t go out for lunch either so nothing to report there. At dinner time it was pouring with rain so I decided to just go to the restaurant across the road from my hotel, one that I have been avoiding because it doesn’t look very good and has burgers and pizza on the menu (something I consider to be a bad sign usually). My instincts were right and while I did have a Vietnamese chicken and rice dish and a ginger tea – both were pretty average. Plus I had to endure a table of 5 aussie men (in their fifties I reckon) being somewhat slimy to the lovely girls serving them. One even offering to take the two sisters home to Australia with him. So incredibly disappointing to witness so ate dinner, read some of my book and left pretty quickly.

My afternoon was spent getting measured for a couple of skirts and tops that I would like made and having a half hour foot massage, which was in fact the best part of my day today. I also got to speak to my wonderful mum on Skype for half an hour,  to Kim on Viber  and to Suze in England (after we exchanged several messages yesterday trying to figure out what the time difference is between her and me. It didn’t help that I kept looking at my laptop clock which is still set to Melbourne time). Technology is a wonderful thing – thank you Mrs Viber, Mrs Internet and Mrs Skype.

This blog post is going to be short and probably not that sweet since so-so days are not that thrilling to share about. I am however grateful for today in that it has me truly appreciate the great days I have had so far and be excited about what tomorrow will bring.

Off to curl up in bed with a  movie.

2 thoughts on “So so…

  1. Hi.. you are allowed to feel up and down. Love your honest writing. Harry and I sit in the ravv cape schank resort and enjoyed tappas early and enjoy a leasurly. early celebration of his birthday and mother’s day…beautiful area for walking ( no golf for me ). Just read out your blog (harry says very interesting) . Getting dark. Sleep well.

    • Thanks Heidi. Have a wonderful time at Cape Schank – sounds perfect. Wish Harry happy birthday for me on the day and hope you have great mothers day as well. See you soon. xx

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