The terrible trio…


I have 3 OMG’s today (they are in no particular order) but so as not to disappoint you I will start with of course – food!!

OMG Number 1

I have a photo of dinner but I think it would be mean to post two delectable meal shots in a row so will save it for another day. It was however good. My commitment while away is to only eat Vietnamese food (other than the odd Kit Kat if home calls) and I stuck to my guns tonight with Vietnamese cold rolls filled with fresh greens and shrimp with a spicy sauce. This was an entree so also ordered some dips but couldn’t get through even 20% of them. My accompanying drink tonight however was Australian Champagne which I don’t think classifies as breaking my rules. It shouldn’t considering 2 glasses equaled 70% of my whole $25 dinner. Needless to say all was amazing and I am not having any problem eating out by myself. I am enjoying checking out the people (as I always sit outside or near a window when I dine) and sending the odd text home.

OMG Number 2

Seriously guys, if I stay here too long, Mark is going to have to take out a second mortgage. While the prices are great, I cannot even make it from my hotel to a restaurant without buying something. The people are so lovely and the pleading looks on their faces get me every time. Tonight it was a necklace and earrings – beautiful of course and cheap but all of these ‘cheaps’ are going to start to add up after a while and I still have 3 and 1/2 weeks to go. Might have to lock myself in my hotel room for a while I think.

OMG Number 3

Today was my first day volunteering at Project IndoChina. I spent the afternoon in their office with the three wonderful girls who work there (Thuy – pronounced Twee, Van – pronounced Van and Duong, pronounced Hyou – note, the H is very important because it is definitely not YOU). So as I was saying, I spent the afternoon with the 3 girls, 1 snake, 1 mouse and 1 rat!!!! I must really love Vietnam because normally that would send me screaming for the nearest door or perhaps even flight home but today I took it all in my stride. I did not at any time, jump on a desk, scream or run. I am pretty darn impressed with myself actually. Who knows by the end of this trip I may even like rats. Ok, I get it, that was going a little too far.

So all in all a pretty OMG sorta day. Am now about to settle in for a movie and then bed. The plan for tomorrow currently looks like work in the morning and a massage in the afternoon but who knows what tomorrow will actually bring. I am however hoping NO wild animals in my room.

Actually, one thing is guaranteed – tomorrow WILL bring another great food tale.

Nitey nite all.

One thought on “The terrible trio…

  1. OMG number 4 : i was laughing and laughing and laughing when i read this awesome blog when you mention about you was spending an afternoon with 3 girls , a snake a mose and a rat !!! that you wasnt jump up and down at all …you must really love VN my dear Lee xx

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