More than cleaning

I am not the most domestic person on this planet. I am sure that in one of my previous lives (if not all of them) I was a very wealthy woman who had a house full of maids, cooks and servants to run around after me. I don’t much enjoy washing, I consider dishwashers to be best invention since, you guessed it – sliced bread, I once heard some friends talk about something called dusting, I cook because we would die if I didn’t and I buy clothes that do not need ironing. Imagine my dismay when we decided to send the kids to a private secondary school where their uniforms consist of blazers, trousers, white shirts, pleated dresses and kilts – all of which require ironing!

I think you get the picture.

However, today I spent the better part of the day cleaning one of Mark’s property developments that has just been completed and about to go on the market. No, I am not a saint, there was a little cash incentive that went with the mop and Windex. However I found it strangely satisfying. I’m not sure I would go as far as to say fun, but definitely pleasant. I took my little portable stereo, put the radio on full blast and sang, scrubbed, wiped and swept away the day.

And you know what the best thing is, there are no kids to walk into this house and mess it up in about 6 minutes time (the time when my two arrive home from school). This house (until sold) will stay empty and pristine. All the great work I have done today will stay like that until the day when the SOLD sticker goes on it and some other mother will be thinking to herself “I wish it could stay looking this clean forever”, as she reminds her children for the twentieth time to take their shoes off before they come in the house.

The other great thing about today was that it was sort of like a mini spring clean of myself. Getting away from my own house, away from the computer, from work and from my normal routine. I got to break out of the rut I often myself in. I got to “not think” for a little while which as you will have known from previous blog entries – “not thinking” is not something I do very well.

But you can be rest assured that I am not, either now or in the future ever ever ever intending to take up a new career as a cleaner.

Am now off to hang a load of clothes on the washing line, do the dishes, cook dinner, run the kids to sport and tidy up.

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