I am actually writing

Here are a couple of pieces that I wrote last week as part of my writing course homework. I am totally surprised at what is coming out. I never saw myself as a fiction writer but now, who knows – I guess I could write absolutely anything.

Am loving the process of writing and have no attachment whatsoever to what appears on the paper. Please note however, these are very raw, first drafts – no editing, nothing.

Standing in the rain

It had only been three days but already it felt like a lifetime since Sarah had seen him. Only three days ago that he had kissed her gently on the forehead, arms wrapped firmly around her waist. He had lingered a little longer than normal, as if not quite ready to say good-bye that morning. ‘Off you go, I have work to do’ chuckled Sarah as she had maneuvered him towards the door. ‘I love you gorgeous one’ he had whispered softly as he jumped in the car and reversed out the driveway. ‘Bye Dad’ squealed the kids as he disappeared out of sight.

Staring blankly at the long, timber box in the ground below her, Sarah didn’t move. She could no longer determine whether the water streaming down her cheeks were her tears. Someone had offered her an umbrella but she had brushed them away. She used to love walking in the rain, they both did. But now it felt cold – every droplet stinging her skin as it hit her. But she liked the feeling, at least she could feel something. She had been numb for days and prayed that the rain would never stop.

Life Sucks

Carina’s Jack had always been strong, not just physically strong but the ‘always there for her’ type of strong. Jack had always been the one to cup her face in his oversized, almost giant like hands and tell here everything was going to be fine. At 6ft 4in tall, he had towered over Carina making her appear child-like by his side. But Carina was no child, she had curves other women would die for and her dark eyes had both men and women gaze longingly at her when she walked into a room. Jack knew it and loved it, loved her! Carina was all his and he was proud of who she was and proud of the fact that she had chosen him to spend the rest of her life with.

So when Carina had walked into the sterile, hospital room with the strange smell, a mixture of disinfectant and vomit, she couldn’t believe it was her Jack lying there. He looked like her Jack, no gaping wounds, no blood stained skin or other hints that something terrible had happened but there was a stillness that freaked her out, that made her legs feel like they were going to crumble beneath her and made her feel like she couldn’t breathe.

Male, 26 years of age, engaged, amazing life ahead of him, coma. Life was so incredibly unfair, no, downright cruel.

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