I’m done

Maybe there are in fact benefits to being over 40! Yes, actual benefits. I have finally come to a place where I am really happy with who I am and how I look. I am officially done with diets, done with thinking about the food I put into my mouth, done with scales, with counting points, measuring portion sizes, depriving myself of the food I love and feeling guilty all of the time.

So a few weeks ago, I threw away the scales, I deleted all emails relating various online diet clubs and I vowed to never again let a weight loss shake pass my lips again. Plus I started appreciating the body I have. And you know what’s funny. I have actually lost weight since I did this. (no scales, just looser jeans!)

Size 10 I am not nor will I ever be again but my size 14, hourglass figure really is perfect just the way it is. Yes, I have a flabby stomach and there is no shortage of padding on my bum but my husband loves me just the way I am so I think it is well and truly time for me to do the same.

I teach my daughter that life is about balance, exercising daily, eating a bit of everything you really love (and I really really really mean EVERYTHING – yes, even those incredible chocolate Lindor balls) and most importantly, have fun and enjoy life – you do only have one shot at it so don’t waste it.

So I am done. Done I am. Done, done, done, done, DONE!

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