Trapped in a 40 year old body

I really am a 13 year old girl trapped in a 40 year old body. Picture this – me, sitting at home on my own with the kids and hubby out for the afternoon. I have the entire house to myself, unheard of… heaven!!! I turn on the tv, excited at the prospect of watching absolutely anything I want. I flick through the channels, searching for the perfect show to match my new found (and very very rare) alone time.

Then it happens, I stop on THE channel and I can’t help it – I’m stuck, I can watch anything I want but I stop here,  I don’t have a choice, I have to keep watching! It’s like not being able to stop yourself from slowing down when you pass a road accident – you really don’t want to but… you just do. I know you are wanting to know what I was watching but I am almost too embarrassed to say it out loud. But for all you other 13 year olds trapped in good old “Mum” bodies – here goes – it was High School Musical 3. I watched the entire thing from start to finish, including singing out loud (and yes, I do know all the words).

And it was great. For that 90 minutes or so I was young again, no responsibilities, no cooking or cleaning, no financial stress, no working on my marriage and no worrying about whether the 5 Tim Tams I just ate will go straight to my bum. Maybe that is what I am searching for in the movies I watch and the music I listen to. So you know what I will be doing the next time I have the house to myself – ‘High School Musical 1 or 2’ (or maybe both), maybe a bit of ‘Camp Rock’ or even some ‘Hanna Montana’. And I will love every single second of it.

Enjoy your 13 year old moments whatever they are and be assured that you are NOT alone.

3 thoughts on “Trapped in a 40 year old body

  1. Hey Lee, Congrats!!! Feels good doesn’t it? Thank you for getting me into blogging, I am loving it too!! I am thoroughly enjoying your writing. Sounds just like you…authentic and witty. Love you.
    When you get a minute have a look at my stories from Italy. Not as funny as yours but perhaps, at very least, entertaining because it is Italy.

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